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Romy Dya

Healthy love R&B sample pack

Healthy love R&B sample pack

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Immerse yourself in the soulful, emotive soundscapes of the "Healthy Love R&B Pack." This meticulously curated collection features 20 original royalty-free vocal samples, perfect for adding a touch of heart and soul to your tracks. The pack includes both wet and dry versions of each sample, providing flexibility and creative control over your music production.

Artist Credibility

Romy Dya has collaborated with industry heavyweights such Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Busta Rhymes. Her voice has been sampled by Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Tjay and many more. Her work is renowned for its viral potential, coming close to the massive success of tracks like "Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay. This sample pack captures that same essence, providing you with the tools to create hits that resonate with audiences worldwide.

What's Inside

  • 20 Wet Vocal Samples: These pre-processed and reverb-soaked samples are ready to be dropped directly into your project, adding instant depth and atmosphere to your mix.
  • 20 Dry Vocal Samples: For producers who prefer to sculpt their sound from the ground up, these unprocessed vocals offer a blank canvas, allowing you to apply your own effects and tailor them to fit your unique sound.
  • 20 Original Royalty-Free Vocal Samples: Expand your library with a variety of vocal textures and phrases, ensuring your tracks stand out.
  • Adlibs and One-Liners: Add personality and flair to your compositions with expressive adlibs and impactful one-liners.

Ideal For

  • R&B Producers: Looking to add professional-quality vocals to their tracks.
  • Songwriters: In need of inspiration and a vocal foundation for new compositions.
  • Remix Artists: Seeking fresh, original vocal elements to reimagine existing tracks.
  • Sound Designers: Crafting unique audio experiences for film, TV, and video games.

The "Healthy Love R&B Pack" is more than just a collection of vocal samples; it's an essential toolkit for any producer aiming to infuse their music with authentic emotion and soulful vibes. Whether you're creating a tender love song or an energetic anthem, these vocals will elevate your productions and connect with listeners on a profound level.

- Contains a demo with an instrumental and vocals as example
- 20 original royalty free vocal samples
- WAV. format
- adlibs and a few one-liners
- 128 bpm
- C# Minor
- Wet & dry vocals



  1. Avoid listing or tagging Romy Dya's name as the primary or featured artist in any music releases.
  2. Refrain from incorporating Romy Dya's photos or resemblance in your release's visuals and artwork.
  3. Immediate removal actions will be taken for commercially releasing music with Romy Dya's name or likeness.
  4. Abstain from utilizing Romy Dya's recordings to produce or develop new sample pack libraries or audio software for sale or distribution.
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