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Soulful vocal sample pack

Soulful vocal sample pack

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Are you looking for authentic soulful vocals? Get your own original royalty free vocal samples by Romy Dya. Romy has worked with Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang), Busta Rhymes and many more. Her vocals have been sampled in songs with J Hus, Drake and Lil Tjay. Billboard called her voice 'vulnerable and powerful.' Vocals like this you won't find anywhere else!
- Contains a demo with a selfmade beat and vocals as example
- 38 original royalty free vocal samples
- Wav. format
- riffs, runs, adlibs a full verse, harmonies, chorus and a few one-liners
- 160 bpm
- D Major
- Wet & dry vocals
Listen to the full demo above.



  1. Avoid listing or tagging Romy Dya's name as the primary or featured artist in any music releases.
  2. Refrain from incorporating Romy Dya's photos or resemblance in your release's visuals and artwork.
  3. Immediate removal actions will be taken for commercially releasing music with Romy Dya's name or likeness.
  4. Abstain from utilizing Romy Dya's recordings to produce or develop new sample pack libraries or audio software for sale or distribution.


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